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The truth about Paint Protection in Cairns

Even if you never have heard about paint protection, while purchasing your brand-new vehicle you will be offered paint protection or protection package with mystical name and supposedly extraordinary abilities. Not saying here that all dealerships are the same, selling the same products or keep the same standards, however.... there is more to it. If a person is buying brand new car, he or she wish to keep it in its original condition as long as possible - right? Most people agree here. If manufacturer makes the same vehicle, do they want it to last as long as possible? Most likely not, as they are in car making business and they make money when people are buying new cars. What about dealerships who offer paint protection products? Is it in their interest to make your car look the best and stay like that long term? Most likely not, as they also are in car business and they must sell as many and as often as possible, this is their business model. This brings us to conclusion, even the offer sounds irresistible, even it is so convenient, even the cost can be added to your finance..... STOP right there! As there are many other options available on the market today.

Car Detailing in Australia is still young profession and mostly known for "wash and vac" and "cut and polish", but there is a small group of motor enthusiasts who are passionate about their work, they are eager to learn new techniques, use new products and new tools based on overseas trends. In fact, a few detailers having paint protection as one of the services is growing rapidly and by simply typing in google "paint protection" you will be flooded with brands like MotorOne, Opti-coat, Gtechniq, CeramicPro at lower price point.

However, there is a catch.... some of "paint protection products" are made to bring profits and not necessary truly protect your vehicle. In some cases mass produce manufacturing, cheap ingredients or incorrect storage combined with poor application techniques by an installer cause coatings to fail within months from installation. Having just purchased brand new vehicle, new owner is not aware of product failure as first signs are rather hard to spot, so when the paint damage is finally noticed..... the most likely costly visit to panel shop is unavoidable.

Nowadays, internet is our friend, we can find answer to almost any question. So why not to research about paint protection? We strongly suggest to do your homework before signing on dotted line. The reviews and testimonials are great inside of any product or brand. Many brands would spend millions on advertising campaigns, however read what others are saying or even ask your friends and family for their opinion.

You will find that some brands are really disliked or loved by consumers in every niche. Did you know that MODESTA is a manufacturer of most exclusive premium automotive protection?

They are the experts in paint, wheel and leather protection, their coatings are made to order by hand in Kagawa, Japan from highest quality ingredients.

There is no magic to it, Modesta is pure, very thick and very hard. Its glass like layer protects vehicle's paint for 5 to 7 years on daily driven vehicles, there is no reapplying, polishing or waxing required. In addition, Modesta's glass coatings are number one choice and used exclusively by the very best detailers around The World due to its complex installation, find an installer here:

Simply by searching YouTube or Facebook for modesta glass coatings you will find endless examples of their excellent work. It is important to add that installation techniques by Modesta installers are in class on its own, use of infra-red light for curing is just one of them and every installer follows the same strict procedure no matter which country they are in. To learn more about high end protection which last year’s not months search for Modesta Australia.

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