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Today, we want to focus on a different subject - which is money. Nowadays for most people money is scarce, however people still spend thousands of dollars on personalised plates, upgraded sound systems or engine modifications. But when it comes to protecting their four wheels, it's way too hard to part with the money.

Nowadays you get what you pay for. If you buy an audio system for $500, you cannot expect $5000 audio system sound quality. So, if you get $500 paint protection for your car, you CAN NOT expect that it will perform like a high-end one.

But there is a catch. Your cheaper sound system will continue to work for many years, only with lower sound quality. Whereas lower quality paint protection products tend to work as intended for a very LIMITED TIME, most of the time only months - not even years.

Another myth.... "I got paint protection as insurance for my car's paint". Some companies sell paint protection under a scheme as "insurance" for your car's paint. Meaning, you don't have to worry about your car's paint anymore, that damage will be covered by paint protection warranty, so to speak "lifetime warranty". Without going too deep in the subject of honesty and "doing the right thing" for the customers, lets say..... it is doubtful that your car's paint will always look the same or will always get repaired under "paint protection warranty" after experiencing damage from sun, water spots or animal droppings. We constantly see people battling problems of damaged paint which is supposed to be protected by various brands and their big disappointment when it does not stand to the expectations. Not all brands and products are the same and personal due diligence is a must when choosing paint protection for your car.

Think about high quality paint protection NOT as insurance, but more as security system. A quality coating will actively protect your car's paint, it is visible as hydrophilic or hydrophobic water behaviour. You can see it work on your car, it protects paint and helps to keep it clean. With cheaper and lower quality products applied, you CAN'T really see any difference most of the time. With them, easy maintenance is often short lived, and scratches and water spots appear almost immediately. That's reality, you always get what you pay for.

So, if you still think that spending around $2000 on High Quality Paint Protection is out of this world, think again. Possible visit to local panel shop to respray damaged bonnet, roof and boot will cost you time and money and IT IS NOT covered by your car's insurance. Although, making upgrades to your car or putting on those sweet pink number plates is FUN. But, none of these mods will preserve value of your vehicle, most will not increase it either. There is a reason why some paint protection coatings cost thousands, you pay for High Quality product and exceptional workmanship. It is all well worth it at the end. Properly protected and maintained vehicles keep value, are much easier to maintain and stay clean longer. For paint protection which works, contact Smart Pro Detailing in Cairns

Lets spend 5 minutes on this important issue of paint damage by water spots etching
First of all, what causes water spots and what are they? Rainwater is not pure. It is naturally acidic, the result of water collecting on dust and smoke particles in the clouds. Comprised of water vapor and any number of contaminants like pollen, mold, bacteria, dust, soil, pollutants, plant parts, algae, and insect parts, these tiny particles make up the condensation nuclei.

If you park your car or truck underneath trees or near foliage that drip rainwater onto the vehicle, add toxic chemicals to the impurity stew. Acid rain in the form of raindrops or the moisture that makes up fog, are on the more serious end of the water spot spectrum. If you live near an industrial area or chemical plant the contaminants that make up its condensation nuclei are more likely to be a chemical mix of minerals, debris, gaseous solids. These contaminants are ravenous for your paint and glass. Usually delivered as dusty gray deposits that have bonded to the paint surface, hard water spots aren't easily wiped away and if left unattended, will "etch" the paint or clear coat. Damage from etching appears as rough, crescent or circular-shaped marks where the raindrops evaporated.

There are two types of water spots - above surface mineral deposits and stage two corrosion known as below surface water spot etching, damage caused primarily by hard water and acid rain. If left untreated, both threaten your glass and paint surface. Several products on the market are made specifically for cleaning above surface water spots without scratching, this type of water spots can likely be removed with a simple paint cleaner and an applicator. The chemicals of the paint cleaner will soften the contaminants on the surface while the applicator will provide the light abrasion to remove them from the surface.

Due to large deposits of calcium, magnesium or iron, below surface "hard water" spots and acid rain are the hardest to remove. They may even sometimes take multiple attempts to correct the damage. This type of water spots, the chemical composition of whatever was in the water either was there long enough, or was powerful enough, to Eat the Paint! This is going to require a paint correction and at some cases the damage is irreversible, only option left is paint respray by a professional panel shop.

Even some of the most durable polymer sealants on the market right now may not be enough to stop acid rain etching into the paint given enough time. However, high quality glass coating will prevent below surface water spot etching with little maintenance.

If a car is sitting outside for weeks in the hot sun with acid rain baking into the paint, simple sealant or wax won't be enough to protect the paint. A regular car wash regimen is required and high quality pure glass coating is recommended, which after professional installation will protect paint surface from 2 to 7 years. If you want to reduce water spots, make some room under cover to fit the car. Above steps are more necessary for people who see acid rain than ones who don't. Be wise while taking care of your car and don't let this nasty water etching to ruin your cars paint.

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